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Banks: B…for all the reasons stated aboveGlennon: A...regardless of whether I think he is "the man" or not, to get the best QB in the 3rd round is a winSpence: B...NT is not a stat position, but to get a starter in the 4th is big.  Would have been a B+ without the recent legal issue.Gholston: B+...another 4th round potential gem.  Made an impact in multiple games.  Probably wont be the pass rush stud we need, but may take over for Clayborn when his contract is up.Means: N/A...not sure what we have here, but 5th rounders hardly ever make a 1st year impact.  Has a good ceiling, lets hope he is motivated to reach it.James: A-...had he stayed healthy, probably an easy A+.  Finding a rookie RB in the 6th round to step in and make an impact when a probowler goes down is Shanahan-ian.

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