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Not much preparation went into this article…It looks like the guy checked some stats online and just winged it.I agree with the banks and glennon grades.  To get a starting DT in the fourth round should be minimum B.  This article doesnt seem to factor in round drafted. For example most late round picks never amount to anything, so getting any production at all out of a mid-late round pick should receive a high grade.  If spence was our first round pick then maybe he would be C but not in the fourth.  Giving Mike James a C is also suspect.  When he played he looked great.  Yes he was injured but man he played well in his time he played.  I don't think this guy remembers James' drive he was injured on.  That drive alone for a 6th round pick should merit a B.  I think based on the 6th round pick James should be a B+ or A.  We'll see how he looks next year.

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