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Glennon stays, regardless. He's a good back up option and is cheap. He stays. I don't see someone giving a 3rd or higher for him so he has value to us if he stays. The only scenario that makes sense is Lovie is feeling some pressure to win a few games, even if they are meaningless. I think he is really trying to avoid a 1-15 opening season. I just can't understand the move otherwise.

I don't agree with you often, but this is exactly right - HE NEEDS WINS. Maybe not for the Glazers - I doubt they are eager to start over again. I think it's more about the 53 man roster and about building a culture. And he believes that McCown gives him the best chance to win those games. And after last week's game I can't blame him.

Both of you are correct.  Lovie needs wins so he doesn't lose the locker room and these guys start buying in . If goes don't buy in , nothing else matters , not as far as he is concerned.

All of these things are great.  We are not coached well enough to win.  This has been proven over half a year of games.  They can try their hardest, they are not winning many more games this year. Just not very good.

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