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Reese, don't fall into that learn how to win building momentum stuff.  The team doesn't  care once this year ends. You know what will kill morale on this team, waking up September 1 2015 and looking at the depth chart and seeing the same 2 QBs on it. Frankly you might have more of an augment if the QB was killing this team but the defense and teams are shooting the foot that the offense decided not to target.

I believe in it to a small extent (i.e., I think there's an emotional maturity element that is gained by learning how to finish games - talent trumps it of course, but there are certainly psychological components to winning), but that's not really my point. My point is that you, me, Bill Barnwell, etc., don't have to believe it - what matters is what Lovie believes. And I've listened to enough coaching stuff over my lifetime to know that most coaches DO believe it. I mostly agree with your last point - though I would say that last week Glennon was every bit as culpable for the loss as McCown was in his games.'s a lot easier to change one guy than it is to change an entire special teams in the middle of the season. As I go through these posts I start to wonder if maybe Lovie's trying to evaluate what he's going to do with McCown next year. As Ryan points out, maybe they've sort of figured out what Glennon is, and Lovie's just handling it all wrong in terms of what he's saying. If they are going to draft a QB there's a good chance that they want a guy like McCown there to groom him. But if they can't trust him to not crap the bed when he plays, then maybe Glennon is that guy.

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