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As I go through these posts I start to wonder if maybe Lovie's trying to evaluate what he's going to do with McCown next year. As Ryan points out, maybe they've sort of figured out what Glennon is, and Lovie's just handling it all wrong in terms of what he's saying. If they are going to draft a QB there's a good chance that they want a guy like McCown there to groom him. But if they can't trust him to not crap the bed when he plays, then maybe Glennon is that guy.

It's certainly a possibility.  Who knows what's actually going on inside this wreck.  But I think - from Lovie's perspective - that's foolish thinking.McCown has what, 12 years of game film? You KNOW who he is.  Glennon's played 16 games.  Who's more likely to change - 12 year vet or 1 year vet.It's a FULLY irrational argument to say that you're more sure of what Glennon is than McCown.  If McCown can suddenly change and be a good QB, isn't it more likely that GLENNON can be that guy? Barnwell's point about Kafka is that it's all about upside.  Lovie is safe this year.  But every year forward he gets less and less safe.  How he becomes more safe is by winning games, and to win games he needs a real QB.  McCown is not (100% certainty) the answer.  Even if you want to pair him with rookie over Glennon next year, which I'm fine with, you know what you're getting.  If not, you probably shouldn't be scouting football.  So find out if Glennon is the guy, it's not like he has much game film.  If he's not, and you're certain, than give Kafka a shot because he gives you a shot at saving your job in a couple of years.

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