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Lovie wants a win so he doesnt lose the team. That risk is very real when you consider that the team is losing in large measure because of Lovie's defense

I think that gets completely overblown.  What does losing a team mean? What does it look like?  I think "losing the team" is a media/fan term.There's no evidence year to year with regards to momentum/team support etc. 

who said anything about year to year? Morris lost the team and they quit.  Schiano would've lost the team but he loosened the reins after the first year and even then he had lost most of them again by the next season.It is NOT a media/fan term at all. When players think their coach is incapable of winning they will abandon that coach, especially professional players where many are playing for a future contract . . . often for a team other than the Bucs.  That is part of why you see losing continue, players stray from the system to freelance so they put up "good" film, so they can claim that they were not the problem. Players tune the coaches out when the coaching does not work.

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