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I’m a fan of Barnwell, and I agree with just about everything but the Kafka concept. The problem is that it is typical outsider thinking. Try to put yourself in Lovie's shoes for a half a second. He's coming in as a first year coach. He NEEDS wins, and he's going do just about anything he can to get them. If that means shelving the "future" for the time being, because the future stunk out the joint last week, so be it. If that means happy talk at pressers that sounds bizarre to fans, so be it. He's trying to keep as many of the 53 on the same page. Not because this season is salvageable, but because he's worried about the impact a disaster season could have on next year. And while obviously higher draft picks are better, they aren't cure-all's as we've seen repeatedly. We could have either of the 2 best performing (so far) rookie QBs at 7, and one of them probably could have been had with a cheap move up in the second round.

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