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I'm a fan of Barnwell, and I agree with just about everything but the Kafka concept. The problem is that it is typical outsider thinking. Try to put yourself in Lovie's shoes for a half a second. He's coming in as a first year coach. He NEEDS wins, and he's going do just about anything he can to get them. If that means shelving the "future" for the time being, because the future stunk out the joint last week, so be it. If that means happy talk at pressers that sounds bizarre to fans, so be it. He's trying to keep as many of the 53 on the same page. Not because this season is salvageable, but because he's worried about the impact a disaster season could have on next year. And while obviously higher draft picks are better, they aren't cure-all's as we've seen repeatedly. We could have either of the 2 best performing (so far) rookie QBs at 7, and one of them probably could have been had with a cheap move up in the second round.

I appreciate the sentiment, but I think even if that's Lovei's approach its dead wrong.1) Glennon either is or isn't "the future".  If he is the future, than you 110% play him because you may as well get reps and evaluate his potential.  If he's not the future, than Lovie's blatantly lying with little purpose.  If you're unsure - you still start him becauase McCown isn't the answer.2) The difference between Glennon and McCown's play is that... Glennon's played better.  McCown was atrocious.  Even if you're trying to get wins for the sake of the locker room, Glennon's better.3) The most important part to me is that Lovie was brought in to have a plan and follow through.  Quite seriously, if Lovie is worried about a couple wins year 1 - fire him now.  Seriously.  He was brought in for his long term vision coupled with experience.  This idea of grasping for a couple meaningless wins means avoiding evaluating the most important position on the team.Look at the Titans.  A bad team with no playoff hopes.  Their best QB is Locker who is still young.  But they've decided that he isn't the answer. So rather than start him or Clipboard Jesus, they're starting the high-risk Mettenberger.  Find out what he has, that way they go into 2015 having a much better idea what they have at QB.A couple wins aren't going to have any impact on next year.  Momentum doesn't exist, especially year to year.  If the Bucs close out the year with 0 wins or 4, it doesn't matter for next year.  It doesn't carry over.  What does is talent, and either it's there or it's not, winning 2 games won't change that.  Going 1-15 or 4-12 will have no impact on the mentality of the locker room.  Both results are dreadful.  It will have no impact on development, or anything else.  If Lovie thinks that, he's a fool.4) If Lovie is concerned about losing the locker room in some appreciable way, again, fire him.  The difference between leaders like Belichick and Ozzie compared to guys like Lovie is that they think big picture.  They're thinking down the road, constructing their roster with an eye to the future.  They don't just want wins now, they want wins next year and the year after that.  Unfortunately, the difference is stark.

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