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During the season I recall him saying that not only is he the best QB in this draft , he is better than RGIII .

You recall incorrectly. He called him more "advanced" than RGIII. The deal with Cosell is this - he believes in the pocket passing game 100%, and that mobility - beyond the functional mobility within the pocket - is way down the list of QB attributes necessary to be successful in the NFL.  So when he says that Glennon is "more advanced" than RGIII, he means that Glennon does more of the tried and true NFL QB things - throws with anticipation, reads defenses, etc.  A lot of guys don't have to do those things to be extremely successful in college, so the pro game is an adjustment.  And in 2012, the Skins built on offense around RGIII that utilized a lot of those non-traditional/college aspects and had immediate success. I think the goal for the Skins was to work on those traditional NFL things over time, but that got interrupted by his injury (in other words, hard to work on in the offseason). And then suddenly this year you have a guy who no longer really can run, which means the offense breaks down. Glennon came from a pro-style offense (as did Russel Wilson) - he's going to be more advanced at doing those things.

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