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aren't the Bucs in a bit of a Catch-22 though with respect to QBs? It looks like if they are not sold on Glennon they would have to "reach" for one this draft. If they dont "reach" and say they go 8-8 this year, they would not be in a very good position for one of next year's QBs, right?

1. In the end, there's no such thing as a "reach" or a "steal". The only thing there is are good players and bad players. If the Bucs were to "reach" on a lower-rated QB and he turns into Christian Ponder, he'll have been a bad pick. If the Bucs "reach" on a lower-rated QB and he turns into Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Rodgers, he'll have been a good pick. It's that simple.

Interesting because I thought about that point after I used the word "reach."  I think I get your point, but I guess some could call it semantics or, perhaps, just driven by the results. For example, your first scenario - "If the Bucs were to "reach" on a lower-rated QB and he turns into Christian Ponder, he'll have been a bad pick -- described what I meant by "reach," I was just accepting as fact that the consensus was that none of the available QBs would be a #7 pick but for the class. If your first scenario played out with, say, Carr then after the fact everyone would be calling the Carr pick a "reach" driven by need.

In my mind calling a player "reach" before he's played means it's already a forgone conclusion that player is going to be bad. My point is no one knows if whichever QB the Bucs may pick at #7 will have been a "reach" until a few years later. Scouting is an inexact science. Scouts are wrong all the time and sometimes players who have flaws are able to overcome those flaws. The only thing we'll know about whichever QB the Bucs pick at #7 is at least a few teams thought there was something wrong with him. Whether they were right, we won't know for a little while. As I said, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers were picked where they were picked for a reason. People were wrong.

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