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1. In the end, there's no such thing as a "reach" or a "steal". The only thing there is are good players and bad players. If the Bucs were to "reach" on a lower-rated QB and he turns into Christian Ponder, he'll have been a bad pick. If the Bucs "reach" on a lower-rated QB and he turns into Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Rodgers, he'll have been a good pick. It's that simple.

I'm with you on the issue of "reach."  For one thing, what is the "reach" based on? Some pundit who's never drafted a guy in his life and his mock draft or prospect rankings that don't take into account scheme or fit? My epiphany on this was looking at the shots of the Dallas Cowboy's board that ended up on the web a few years ago. Some of it was chalk, but they had some players much higher on there than I would have guessed, and some players much lower than I'd have guessed.  Taking Travis Frederick where they did seemed high to me, but are they supposed to hope that they are the only team that had that high an opinion on Travis Frederick?

In other words, you go get the guys you want at the value you place on them.  After the fact some might describe a failed pick as a "reach" but it was not in the technical sense if you went with your own analysis? So, for example, if the Bucs had the App State WR (D. Jackson) as a third round pick or lower, it was a "reach" for them to take him in the 2nd, but it would not have been if they legitimately had him as a 2nd round talent (even if many of the pundits disagreed)?Is that what you guys mean because that seems reasonable?

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