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I can’t speak for FRG, but yeah, I think that’s right. Obviously you have to pay attention to what other teams "might" do - that matters when you are contemplating trades - but you have to trust your own evaluations of players.  My world would work like this - let's say player X is the highest guy on your board, and he ranks a 7.0. Most mocks have him getting drafted a whole round later. If you have 5 guys at 6.9 you might trade down 6 spots assuming that you could at least get one of those guys if the 7.0 was gone.  But what if the next tier of guys is 6.5? I wouldn't trade down from the 7.0 hoping that the Kipers of the world were right.  As for D-Jax, I don't remember anything definitive being reported, but I thought I remember that we were panicked by the run on WRs. I'm guessing he wasn't as high as that on our board.

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