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Well apparently someone thought Tebow was a 1st round pick as well. I just fail to see Manziel do anything that I believe will make him a very good NFL QB. I watch his "highlight" film and other snaps from games and he makes some really amazing plays. However, those amazing plays are often a result of trying to create a play after the initial play was missed. His escapism is rare and he seems to have a lot of traits that would make it very good at carrying the football in the NFL, wr or RB or some combination thereof, but I just don't believe he's shown the ability to be a NFL passer. Everyone looks at Kaep and Wilson and RGIII as reasons to draft a running QB but they aren't. All 3 of those are teams that really struggle when they can't establish a running game. Put any of those 3 on this Bucs team this year and they would struggle just like Glennon.All things equal, I'd like a guy who can run but first and foremost that guy must be a very good passer with running his last option. Otherwise I believe he'll miss more plays running that he'll make by extending the play. Just my opinion.

The thing with JFF is that he is going to be incredibly raw.  He's also incredibly talented, and it's not just his elusiveness.  He can make the throws, so that's not a problem either.He has, beyond his athleticism, a rare vision and awareness and uncommon instincts.  Those are things you simple can not teach.  You'll need to teach him to be a pocket passer and to run a scheme rather than sandlot it.  If you think you can do that you pick him.  He's an ideal candidate to sit for a year.  Would work for us sitting him behind Glennon if we think we can groom him.

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