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Well, we will see. But I get the feeling we won't draft him, and he'll end up being a star elsewhere.And most of the posts I've read say things about his arm that just aren't true. His mechanics could be tinkered with, but he showed he could become better this past season.He's a smart qb with conviction, which is almost a rarity these days. And I'll take his attitude and arm over superboring two quarters glennon any day. Glennon would end up being more accurate with less ints, but manziel would create more yards (without running) and produce more td's.Football is risk gentlemen. Not a single player or team is immune from it.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Well said good sir. Gotta roll the dice to get to the promiseland.

You do indeed, but you have to do it at the right time with the right staff in place. Why do Kappernick and Wilson have such success in the NFL currently? Because they were drafted by nearly completed teams. Teams that could handle a rookie QB making mistakes with a coaching staff able to game plan to the strengths of the team. The Jets took a gamble on Sanchez because they could overcome his flaws, We on the other hand took a risk at the wrong time because we blew the team up and handed the coaching job to someone who was not prepared. If we look at the teams at the top of the draft this year you would have to point to Houston as a team able to overcome a rookie QBs limitations. Although Cleveland is seen as a bad team with dubious management they do (did) have a good basis for a team, if Hoyer didn't get injured they win a few more games. They could take a risk on a QB because they have a QB that a rookie can sit behind. If we want to progress we have to pick the right time to get a QB, this year isn't it. Our team has some issues that need to be resolved first, we need pass rush, WR speed, Oline help and a mismatch TE. The QB class this year does not really (imho) have a day 1 ready to start QB in it. On draft day we will see some teams make knee jerk decisions and take a QB and place him in the wrong situation immediately and expect them to succeed. Some of you will say it is a roll of the dice and worth the risk, but in 3-4 years time if the QB has failed because too much was put on his shoulders fans will see him as a bust. Teams win championships, individuals rarely do. It is better to build your team to be able to overcome the limitations of a risk, than to just take the risk and hope for the best.

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