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We don't need Aarron Rodgers.  We got his kid brother!

To me the issues of this team go back even more than that.That very first draft pick after Gruden got here could have been a game changer too, from what I remember Gruden wanted Brian Westbrook and was over ruled by McKay who took Marquise Walker.If we'd have figured out the RB position ahead of that 05 draft Caddy wouldn't have been the pick and there's a good chance Rodgers may have ended up a Bucs.But who knows how the Butterfly effect really would have worked, maybe if we drafted Westbrook we wouldn't have won the Super Bowl that year.Same goes for Rodgers, would Mr Sensitive have been the All World QB he is if he was thrown in there from day 1 on a bad team and had Gruden yelling at him rather than being allowed to sit & learn on a good team behind Favre for a few years?I get the feeling that Rodgers would have ended up a big time bust if we'd have taken him #5.