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It seriously cracks me up how you always get on Gruden for that when in reality most teams passed on Rodgers and Cadillac's injuries happened later in his career after he was the rookie of the year. Teams passed on Brady 6 times. Hindsight is awesome.

Its nice that we can give eachother a chuckle from time to time because it cracks me up when someone plays the "he was Rookie of the Year" card in some feeble attempt to justify that draft pick. Not only were his stats pedestrian, you don't take a one dimensional oft-injured RB that wasn't even the best RB on his team with the #5 overall pick. And as a rebuttal to your offering, i make this offering of my own:Carnell Williams' rookie stats: 1178 yds rushing, 81 yds receiving, 6 tdMaurice Jones Drew rookie stats: 941 yds rushing, 436 yds receiving, 16 tdsCarnell wins ROY in '05, Jones-Drew comes in 4th in '06 and is clearly a far superior back.

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