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Gruden’s drafting was fairly poor …but the man could coach and I think some of you all have forgotten that.  After 2003 the Glazer’s simply stopped putting money into the team (1st due to cap hell then after ManU they simply stopped) so the fact that Gruden took essentially cast offs and backups and put up back to back 9-7 seasons his last 2 years is a credit to his coaching.  Heck if Kiffen didn’t pack it in the last 4 games of Gru’s last season (after annoucing he was going to go coach with his son) the Bucs might have picked up a couple more wins that last season and been thick in the playoffs again.  After the back to back stupidity of Raheem and Schiano I long for those days!  Heck give Gruden this years team and I bet the final game on Sunday against the Saints would have been about playoff positioning, not trying to save a job.

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