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If we had gone 9-7 we would be stuck with Rutgers. We would have missed the playoffs. We would have a more challenging 2014 schedule and lastly we would be drafting in an area that is statistically more likely to produce a bust.

If we were 9-7 there might not be any need to fire 'Rutgers' at all. Its not like this is not a thread about a HC that got fired after going 9-7...aka we could still replace 'Rutgers' with a better guy even if he is an above average one.No clue how mid 1st runders have a higher bust rate than top5 picks...they are just cheaper and less sexy.But we are in better shape now then we were in 2008, not because of the record(whether you like 4 or 9 wins) but because of the talent on the team...this time a good HC might actually have a chance to win some with the current team. Grudens team sucked and thats why he deserved to be replaced...and todays team proves it to not have been the wrong move.

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