Re: Re: Hargreaves – Pro Day Pics


I’m warming to the idea of VH3 being a possible pick for us at 9. I’ve looked at a lot of DE’s / DT’s lately and I’ll admit I’m no coach, but I’m not seeing the next coming of JJ Watt in any of the front runners. Boid will get his DE’s in the draft, but they might come in rounds 2-4 instead of at #1. I'm just not in love with any of the top prospects and if I was, chances are they'd be gone before we pick. What I'm hoping for is that we drop down 5-8 positions and pick up another 3rd or 4th round pick and then take someone like Ogbah. I'm not saying that he's not worth picking at #9, but I think he'll still be there several picks later and I'd love to get another draft pick. However, if the Bucs picked VH3 at #9, I'd be fine with that so long as they grab an DE in the 2nd round. You can never have enough talented cornerbacks.

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