Re: Re: Hargreaves – Pro Day Pics


Then make a move. The fascination with building this team ass backwards is making me ill. When do we figure it out?  Build the trenches. Get the QB. Get the QB killer. Then draft the secondary. VH5'9" will get molested without a pass rush. All CBs will. Bucs still have no pass rush. I do not make consider Ayers to be the answer. He is older and not going to be to force a lot of you think he will be. After him, we have the same crop of crap at the end spot. Draft a defensive end. Hargreaves will be like Verner out there. He kind of reminds me of ATV....minus the religious stuff.

Basically agree, but I think Ayers has something left in the tank. IIRC, he had 9.5 sacks in 12 games last season. In the NFC East, with some decent O-lines.

Ayers is not the answer..Last year he played way over his head...

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