Re: Re: Hargreaves – Pro Day Pics


I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone before our pick. TEN: TunsilCLE: Goff/WentzSD: RamseyDAL: BosaJAX: JackBAL: BucknerSF: Goff/WentzPHI: VH3TB: ........sigh

Wouldn't be at all surprised if that is the way that it all went down in the top 10.#itsabucslife

As I said, I was on the Spence bandwagon early but have cooled on him a bit. I think, if it plays out that way, you have to consider Ogbah or Stanley. Everyone says "try like hell to trade down!" I don't think it works that way. In order to get good value, you kinda have to wait for teams to come to you. If you go at 9, those are your guys in that scenario, IMO.

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