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Since we are still paying Schiano for 2 more years, can we rehire him for them without costing us more money.  This Lovie thing looks like it was a disaster but at this point I wonder if Schiano would even take the job.  Seems like all the hard work put it by him was destroyed in a few weeks with the new regime.

Scott Reynolds suggests the same thing in his Bucs Are Irrelevant article. Crazy talk, IMO... Glazers, it’s not too late to fire Tampa 2 disciple Leslie Frazier and insert Schiano as the team’s defensive coordinator. You’re already paying Schiano $3 million per season to do nothing. Might as well bring back a defense that actually creates takeaways (21 interceptions and 15 forced fumbles) and gets to the quarterback, which is something the Bucs haven’t done the past two weeks.Despite some of it’s faults, Schiano’s defense had 35 sacks last season, which was the most since 2005 when Tampa Bay’s number one-ranked defense had posted the same number – back when the Bucs were relevant. The last time this team had more than 35 sacks in a season was in 2002 when Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl.The 2014 Bucs defense is on pace for a paltry 24 sacks, 16 forced fumbles and only 10 picks. And this defense is on pace to surrender 506 points in 2014, which would make it the sixth-worst NFL defense of all-time.

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