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OffenseQB - Glennon - no changeRB - Doug Martin - no changeWR- VJax - no changeRT - Demar Dotson - (No change)C - Jeremy Zuttah 2013 vs Evan Dietrich-Smith 2014 (about even)Advantage 2013FB - Erik Lorig 2013 vs Jorvorskie Lane  2014  (about even, maybe slight advantage to Lorig)LT - Donald Penn 2013 vs Anthony Collins 2014  (Penn was nothing special, but he's better than Collins)RG - Davin Joseph 2013 vs Patrick Omaneh 2014 (advantage to Davin Joseph - this was a downgrade)TE - Tim Wright 2013 vs  ASF 2014 (Many won't admit it, but advantage goes to Wright.  ASF is a butterfingers)Advantage 2014WR - Mike Williams 2013 vs Mike Evans 2014  (about even, maybe slight advantage to Evans, but he did cost the team a high first round pick)LG - Jamon Meredith 2013 vs Logan Mankins 2014 (our first actual sighting of an upgrade)DefenseDE - Adrian Clayborn  (unchanged.  yes, he is now hurt, so position is same as last year when he was hurt)DT - McCoy - nochangeLB - all the sameCB - Banks (no change)SS - sameFS - sameAdvantage 2013CB - Revis 2013 vs Verner 2014 (huge advantage Revis)Advantage 2014DT - Akeem Spence 2013 vs Clinton McDonald 2014 (slight advantage McDonald)DE - Te'O Nesheim 2013 vs Michael Johnson 2014 (advantage Johnson, but Johnson hasn't been any major factor in the games so far)The team is no better this year than it was last year and the loss of Revis is huge.  The offensive line is worse this year overall.  That loss of continuity on the offensive line is a big deal.

hahaha first of QB- Glennon (light years better then last season)WR- Evans (slightly better? you must be crazy way better the MW18)LT- Collins ( younger/ better then Penn and has faced better pass rush)TE- Jenkins (are you serious? lol on that one)DT-Mcdonald (you claim he's slightly better then Spence give me a break)DE-TSN (you also say Johnson is slightly better?)LB-Lansanah (you don't think he's an upgrade over Casillas?) again lolCB- Verner (yes i give you that, Verner looks lost out there and Revis would of been way better. but don't just look at the starters the depth is way better this year.. guys like Major Wright ,Brandon Myers Bowers finally being healthy,Louis Murphy etc… this years team is better point blank)

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