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McCoy a FRAUD??!! You get worse and worse. If he played at LSU you would think he was the best DT  of all-time!Don't know why some of you want to trade the best player on this team. Also, he will be a FA after this year unless we franchise him.

bucjoe, to me it's the chicken and the egg. Do you keep your, oh so few stars(McCoy & David) and build around them or go the Jimmy Johnson route and fire sale those two and get more picks? To me this three year coach rotation is pure lunacy. It has to stop because every three years we rip out the plumbing and electrical wiring and start all over again, remodeling the house with new ideas. New coaches, schemes, philosophies, coaches and players and we fans suffer. I think McCoy and David are special and we should keep them but on balance and the $64,000 question is do we build around them or get picks and start over. I am lost, truly lost.

It's not the question though, because even if you could get two 1st round picks those two picks have a small chance (statistically) of turning into a player of McCoy's calibre.  That trade makes sense in 3 years when McCoy is past his prime, not when he's in it.Teams that firesale their best talent, when they lack talent to start with, end up like the 2009 Bucs and the 2012 Raiders.

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