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Even with statistics, and even with McCoy being a great player, has he made a difference? An extra first and 16 million of cap space could be huge. Just buy a subscription to pff and sign the guys with the pressures stats.

Yes, he's made a huge difference.  Just because he can't win games by himself (see Watt, J.J.) doesn't mean he's not playing at a high level.And who do you spend that extra 16 mill on? This is what's driving me crazy - the Bucs literally HAVE NOTHING TO SPEND THAT MONEY ON!!!! We've been spending TONS in FA every year since 2011 and have nothing to show for it.  So we should use it to bring in more Michael Johnson's and Dashon Goldson's?  It's almost like teams spend their cap money on their best players so they don't hit free agency...Instead, we have a chance to re-up with our best player in his prime, who's also the best 4-3 DT in football, and we have the cap space... and people want to TRADE him!?!?!?!  I apologize for the virulence, but it's insane.  Actually insane.  edit: And the reason you can even say he's a great player while questioning if he's made a difference is because WE HAVE BARELY ANY TALENT.  He's literally the only good player on our DL.  Maybe Gholston develops, maybe Johnson starts playing to his contract, maybe McDonald maintains gap integrity... but right now we literally have one DL making plays.Which gets to the Ravens game.  How were the Ravens able to both scheme purely against McCoy and slide away from him all the time? Because no one else on the DL can make a play.

Ok tog, I agree with you, he is good but if we keep him, let's support him and spend the money to get him some damn support. To me he is like having Revis, a Mercedes with a Volkswagen supporting cast. If they don't give him support, trade him for picks, if they keep him, go all in.  Martin and VJAX are expendable for picks this year IMHO. We need to rebuild through the draft, not FA's. It may be insane but putting Suh and McCoy together would create nightmares.

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