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i HATE to agree with Dolorous but i do....i, too, believe he's kinda soft and it seems Sapp agrees as well. Problem is he's all we've got so you have to keep him.

You're better than that Hate.

Better than what?

Better than agreeing with Dolorous.  Better than suggesting that because McCoy helps players up, it means he has no "dog" and this somehow impacts his play? It's like complaining Revis doesn't trash talk enough.He's the best 4-3 DT in football.  And you're still finding something to complain about.

I don't dislike McCoy and wouldn't suggest that we move on from him however it's has been proven that this team lacks fire, heart and fight. He's the face of the franchise. Is it possible that a great many of his teammates follow his lead?I happen to think Dolorous is the board jester....doesn't mean i can't acknowledge the rare instance where i agree with him. Seems Sapp agrees as he better than that??

Sapp is saying McCoy shouldn't help players up.  He's not even close to suggesting McCoy doesn't have any "dog" in him.  Its the equivalent of Sapp saying he thinks McCoy should extend his right arm more during his swim move and then fans saying McCoy doesn't know how to use a swim move.And if the team lacks "fire, heart and fight" why blame McCoy? He's a leader so he should start stomping on people? He's out there accepting blame for the losses, apologizing to fans, doing extra work with teammates after practice to help them get better - and you're worried that players are following his lead.Is he soft? No. Does he lack heart? No. Does he lack fight? No.  Therefore, what lead are they following? Hate, it's a dumb argument.  McCoy has nothing to do with the team being soft one way or the other.  Why not blame Lavonte David? Dashon Goldson?  And anyways, the team lacks talent, it's not "soft".

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