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remember how fans used to get frustrated with Dungy during those first 5 games or so? Fans had specific remedies for the Bucs' ills and each time Dungy would say (paraphrasing) "nope, stay the course"

Yes. 18 YEARS AGO! Things have changed but St. Lovie obviously has not.I hope I'm proved wrong but I'm seeing one of the WORST teams in Buccaneer history so far this season. So, we're waiting your highness, show us your players give a damn, can study this Einstein level defense, can lose weight without DRUGS, can show up on Sundays and play NFL football like that are PAID to do. Come ON!

I dont think coaching has changed.  I agree though he has a lot to prove. Btw, I only mentioned Dungy because of the interesting parallel, I wasnt saying that Lovie has to be the same as Dungy or anything like that. I just recall all the frustration then.

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