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It simply makes no sense to me to trade McCoy or David. Both are still APPROACHING their prime, not approaching the beginning of their decline. Poor teams START their ascent by getting players to build around. We already have a young 2 time Pro Bowl DT playing perhaps the most important position in this defense AND a young All-pro playing the 2nd most important position. So you want to trade them? Are you KIDDING me???!!! So we get a 1st round pick for each: what are you going to do with the picks; draft a DT and a Will to lay the two most important positions on this defense? What do you think are the chances that we get EITHER a DT or a Wiil as good as what we already have? Not only that, they would both be inexperienced rookies instead of players with solid experience while still young.IMO, what needs to be done is to continue to build around them. What is the THIRD most important position on this defense? It used to be the SS and I think Barron is going to be a really good one but with the current rules in place the 3rd most important might be a ball-hawking FS or CB. Whichever it is, if that player isn't currently on the roster, go get him.

Agree except I'd say the 2nd most important position is the DE and we desperately need one (two... three?)

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