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Dennis Hickey - G - DolphinsThe Miami Herald's Adam Beasley has been "told" that "several" Dolphins players are privately expressing a desire that they "want out of this situation" following Sunday's hire of new GM Dennis Hickey.Hickey, as noted previously, was on the outs in Tampa Bay's front office and is an obvious fallback hire after owner Stephen Ross whiffed on at least three preferred GM candidates. The situation in Miami has become toxic, with Hickey set to operate as a puppet below coach Joe Philbin, who maintains control of the 53-man roster. Ross needs to blow this thing up, but his hands are tied due to his commitment to Philbin. It's only January, and already looking as though the Dolphins are headed for another really long year.Source: Adam Beasley on Twitter

With all that goes on down there, just now they are sayin they want out, because of the Hickey hire?  Preposterous.

LOL That's because they dumped a garbage GM, then got turned down by everyone, and to top off that embarrassment... They hired Hickey.This is great. I hate the dolphins.

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