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No, it wasn't like the line played well nitwit. Christ on a popscicle stick I can't imagine how dumb some of you are - after years of reading your drivel I should have some idea though. It is so flippin' all nothing. The thing is it isn't that the line was good and Glennon bad but that the line didn't play well and Glennon amplified that at times. Simply put do you think if we put any other QB back there we would have had exactly the same outcome? Even mental midgets can figure out that wouldn't happen.To throw your hands up in the air and say until we can block well we can't get a QB flies in the face of all experience in the league. We've seen too many teams where the line was just awful and a swap in QB's suddenly makes the line look better. The IND line was fine with Manning, awful with Painter and then magically is good enough again with Luck? Really odd how that happens. You get a good QB and he can function with a mediocre line....nothing can help a mediocre QB play better because they are what they are, mediocre. You go ahead and make your plans to win big with Fitzpatrick, Stanton, Locker and Tannehill. Get ALL the players you want, I'd  take Roth or Romo on our team right now to beat any of those clowns on SD right now.

Unless you're putting your QB in position to succeed, it's foolish to throw him aside and search for another one. There's no possible way anyone can say that Glennon is in an environment that leads to growth. We don't have the players around him for it, and we don't have the coaches for it. Hell, he didn't even get the practice time necessary for it. For a franchise that has had such trouble finding a legit QB, it's amazing to me that some of our fans want to get rid of him so quickly given what he has to work with. The fact is, NOBODY is certain how Glennon will turn out. What we do know is that ever since he was drafted this franchise has been nothing but a circus, yet still he has performed better than anyone expected him to. Let's put an actual NFL caliber team around him and see what he can do. Whether you want to admit it or not, if that happens there's a chance we don't actually NEED to draft a QB.

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