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Yeah.... lets have our bad oline stop us from the getting the QB that we need.That should teach us a lesson.

Let's let our bad o-line keep us from keeping the promising QB we have now. We need to use the top picks to improve our defense. Taking a QB in the 1st Rd is not a guarantee. I bet you were a big RG3 fan.

Promising what? Mediocrity? Fug RGIII... i never liked that diva.And improve our defense to do what? Give Glennon the ball back to go 3 and out faster? They don't play hard for him now so they may believe he's not the guy either.

I have seen Mike improve a lot. How many 3 and outs did he have in the two games prior to the last one when the o-line played at a somewhat professional level?

going against two trash defenses? In the words of Archie Bunker,  "whoop dee do".I have nothing against Glennon but he doesn't give me anything to believe in. His game screams mediocre. I'm not passing up on a good QB prospect for that when the QB position is the most important one.

"Football games are won and lost in the trenches." This is what I believe. Build a strong o-line that can both run and pass block.IMO, Mike will be good enough to win games in the NFL. He is learning and growing each game. He will learn from games like last Sunday. He is a student of the game.

if games are won in the trenches please explain the Browns. They've had a good OL and DL for years and haven't won anything.Now explain the Colts... they don't have neither but are winning.What about Kansas City before they got Alex Smith? Same thing as the Browns. Their fronts were loaded and played their way to the number one overall pick.

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