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I guess none of the Glennon-haters will mind this any attention...Let's draft a franchise QB so he'll get sent to the bench by opposing defenses with a broken rib every other play.

You have to understand that most people in the anti-Glennon camp are fools. They love the simplicity of a box score, it requires zero thinking. Having to watch and pay attention to a game, and keep track of several different variables that determine an outcome is just too much to ask. When they talk about dropped passes, they assume all QB's deal with the same number of them. It's easier that way. When they talk about pressure, they assume all QB's deal with the same amount of pressure and on the same number of plays, it's easier that way. There isn't varying degrees of pressure, the frequency is also never's just, pressure. I don't know why we just don't sign five undrafted free agents each season to fill out our starting O-line. According to these clowns an O-line is only as good as the QB behind it. They say comical things such as this without realizing what they're actually saying. So let's just sign a bunch of undrafted free agents for the minimum. I don't know what we'd spend the extra money on, however, because also according to these same "fans" the defense and running game don't matter, either. It's all about the QB, he's supposed to make up for any deficiencies on your team. If he doesn't then he's not franchise material, second season or not. In other words, lower your expectations about these people. They are....special...and will rarely say anything that makes sense.

Very well said, Escobar. I once did a statistical survey of these people you speak of.....and 83% of them still believed in Santa Claus.....and would draft him in the first round.....regardless of his 40 time.

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