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Yep you right we have about 5 good players on this team that would start and play for other teams lavonte,McCoy,vjax,Dotson and maybe foster.

Not sure why everyone keeps on saying this, but it's soooo wrong. Alterraun Verner was an ALL PRO last year for the Titans, Michael Johnson started on a solid Bengals defense last year, EDS started for the Packers, Logan Mankins obviously started for the Patriots last year, do I need to keep on going? Even some mediocre starters who were on our team last year would start other places such as Barron, Foster, Martin, etc. For some reason, it seems like a lot of people here think most teams have good quality starters at every position. That's not the case at all. Look at the Cowboys defense, for example. They just completely shut down Russell Wilson, who some on this site think is an elite QB, with a defense full of nobodies for the the most part. I mean seriously, can you name more than 3 guys on that defense? Are any of them even close to McCoy's or David's caliber?I'm not saying this team is full of talent, but this BS of how only McCoy, David and V-Jax would start on other teams needs to stop. Yes, we do have some big holes and lack talent in some specific areas (o-line, safety, pass rusher), but the amount of talent on this team is no where near as bad as some of you make it out to be. This is a decent roster, and while we're still some pieces away from being a good roster, the team should be much better than how they're playing. This is NOT a 1-5 roster, it simply shouldn't be. With the talent we have on defense, it should be at least a 6 win team. The coaches need to be held responsible for a team with this amount of talent playing so poorly, ESPECIALLY Frazier and Warhop. Those two clowns have been absolutely worthless.

What was our record?  yeah it was all square peg coaching, blah, blah, blah.  Wait until they are good again 2 or 3 years from now and see WHO on this god awful team is still here....wont be many why, talentless..............

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