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Years of very poor drafts has lead to no depth on very few quality players.  Lets start from the back, three safeties who cannot cover AT ALL, NEVER play the ball and worry about fines.  One Linebacker that could play for any other team.Gerald McCoy and no one else up front, they would all be rotation breather  guys  on any other team.Have not developed any offense lineman,  old broken down , and reaching for talent, and picking up scrubs.A poor kicker, and a punter having a bad year.What do you expect, when you have Gruden drafting no one, then you hire  a players coach, then you hire a scrub college coach, and in all of this an incompetent GM  in DOm who signed all of these scrubs and drafted badly. Do not know what you expect his team to be except horrible, it will take time to rebuild.You say, "other teams turn it around quickly", well in My opinion, there has never been an NFL team that has done this POORLY across the board with personnel for this long.    YOU HAVE  10 YEARS of pure BULL$%$%  in the player personnel realm.

I dont completely disagree with this.  Culture starts at the top and our owners tend to get too cute with their hirings.  I was in favor of Lovie until he brought in McCown and went to the press with this win now approach.  The risk we run is we won't be able to keep the good players around or attract players that are worth a shit.  These guys are not having fun and at ever position we have  deficiencies greater than almost every team in the league.  Lovie's FA moves are historically bad and that will be his undoing.  How does this team always get into a hole before the game really even starts.  Every fucking week!!

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