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Actually, I think it's a pretty easy solution. First, buy the Arena Football League and put 32 AFL teams in each NFL city for the 'Taxi' squad. Second, using the USFL model, I would start a spring football league but in different cities, like Toronto, Mexico City, London, San Antonio, Birmingham, etc. Each USFL team would be owned and/or shared by NFL teams, again as a minor league system but controlled by the parent franchise so that when a player came up or to camp, they fit right in with the other players. Won't work? Try baseball, hockey, soccer, DLeague/NBA, etc. The NFL needs a farm system and it's not college football anymore as eveyone of value spends two year in college and then declares. The problem is they are green and very immature, wash out of the league and dpon't realize their potential.

I like it. Year round football will help people that just can't get into those peasant sports. Hell I'd settle for rugby, but spring football? Do it.

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