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On any of these playoff teams?McCoyRevisDavidJackson???Our team sucks. All the way from coaching to the players. I for one did some serious overrating of our players and coaching the last few years. They can't execute and they can't coach. They can't block or make adjustments. What do they do? Start over? Might need to. At least they have some guys to build around. Like 5 players.

Your list is an all list... If you're talking "any" I would add these names to your list... Taking into account my beliefs on the coaching staff:BarronMartinFoster (believe it or not)PennNicksDotsonHonorable mentionJosephM. WilliamsSadly, we paid all that money to GoldsonGive us a proven coach, we can be the next KC, I believe that.

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