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Many would. Talent isn’t the problem… Schiano gave us some crap about TBA at his pressed… I got another three letter acronym I’ve learned about… It’s DACDirectionAlignmentCommitmentDirection - we are going in the wrong direction. Defense and a running game was yesterday's NFL. I appreciate a tough defense but we can't count on that anymore as the strength. One could argue that the directives are weak and flipping every several monthsAlignment - do the players match the scheme? Does the scheme adapt? Are we playing to team strengths? Commitment - let's get rid of the franchise players who can contribute to wins. I understand freeman and won't reopen that box... But Talib? Blount? What about commitment to players who are good players, he was put here to lead men, not divulge into their personalities. Also, commit to winning. Conservative calls cost us at least 7 games in the last two years by my count, maybe more. He spends so much time trying to be right and controlling things instead of just letting the players play.

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