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Who knows, there are too many variables.This just listing players picked at a certain spot in the draft stuff means nothing without knowing a ton of other stuff.Who did we sign in FA to lessen needs elsewhere, if we hypothetically got Jimmy Graham (not happening but just saying) that 1st pick is bad.Who was left on the board at #7 when we traded out, if there was one of the better QBs it would be dumb.Who else was left at the point we actually do make the pick, if for some unknown at this time reason a guy like Barr, Watkins, one of the QBs, Clowney, Matthews drops to #17 why did they drop and is it bad enough for us to pass them up for a TE?You can't realistically even start to think of who to draft until at least a week into FA when major holes are plugged and you get some idea of what needs are left.

ok if we get Graham (which will never happen in a million years) then obviously im not picking EbronYou use the term better QBs, I don't like this qb class and what if Tedford and Lovie agree with my line of thinking and decide that Glennon did enough to warrant getting a chance with some help and a coherent OC. newsflash, we probably wont draft a QB this year and will probably bring in a Vet like mcCown to competeBarr, Watkins, Clowney, Matthews wont drop to 17 unless they bomb the medicals and the interviews, not gonna happenyour hypotheticals are so much worse and bigger reaches than minejust grade this class on needs filling and players. don't overanalyze the hell out of it. you guys make a simple question difficult