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Not a huge fan of the3rd rounder  I understand, but do not agree with, the logic on folks who like Donald as he has elite talent but Fergusin is just getting another guy and we have that.

Ferguson is a 2nd round talent and an upgrade on Spence. we basically have 2 DTs on this team right now, McCoy and Spence. anybody after them is pretty much a JAG that needs to be replaced. a rotation of McCoy, Ferguson and Spence is really strong. if it means we don't have Gary Gibson  or Derek Landri in the rotation it makes me that much happier. I don't like relying on guys like them

Appreciate you want depth, R3 isn't where I go for depth plus when you scream depth there are other places like CB, WR, DE where our depth or worse.Landri isn't an awful backup, he's played that role before in this league and can manage it. While we have zero depth at many other spots.

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