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Trades I executedTraded #7 overall for #17 plus #34Traded #38 (Bucs original 2nd) for 31st pick in the 2nd and 31st pick in the 3rdGained an extra 2 and a 3Selections1st - Eric Ebron TE UNC2nd - David Yankey OG/OT Stanford2nd - Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State3rd - Ego Ferguson DT LSU4th - Marcus Smith DE Louisville

Selections1st - Eric Ebron TE UNC2nd - Kelvin Benjamin WR FSU2nd - David Yankey OG/OT Stanford3rd - Dee Ford DE Auburn 4th - Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois

yep you didn't read the OP since this was a real actual draftKB was gone in the 1st. Dee Ford went early 2nd Garoppolo was gone in the 3rd Yankey wouldn't have been there at 62this post exemplifies why everyone on here is bitching about the draft I put up. if you don't read how it actually worked you don't understand the picks. Jesus

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