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Don't be butt hurt Dex. I was just being honest. It's not like I think you suck. We just like different players and are hoping for drastically different drafts. There really is no right or wrong. For the record I would hate those first two picks. They just aren't my first choice. Also, with your second trade....that doesn't seem good. You'd give up the 38th pick and receive the 63rd and 95th? That just doesn't seem like enough in return for such a high 2nd rounder.

im not pissed with you, more of the other folks in here. yeah that trade wasn't great but in a 3 round mock(at the time we traded, we expanded to the extra round a week later and I would have asked for more if we had more rounds) with no future picks you cant ask for too much. im shocked I got the #34 pick to just move back 10 spots in the 1stI also wouldn't say that theres no right or wrong with drafting. there are plenty of wrong picks that can be made. QB IMO in this years class is a wrong pick at 7. in a sane world none of these qbs goes before the mid 1st

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