Re: Re: I freaking love this guy (Jameis)


Biggs, can you cross reference that with the PFF deep passing stats? I'd be interested in a more thorough look at the league in general to put the ESPN stats in context. I've seen them play games with their stats. Like including all 70+ QBs who threw NFL passes in 2015 to come up with "ranked 30th among NFL quarterbacks" line.  I'd also be curious what the NFL average is on 40+ yard air throws. 2/7 (28%) sounds very reasonable to me tbh.

IIRC, ESPN partnered with PFF for their stats and info.  So I think that is PFF's number.You could be right, that number could include some back-up QB's.  But that's still a bad thing if back-ups are coming in and slinging bombs at a higher percentage.

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