Re: Re: I freaking love this guy (Jameis)


he was supposed to be the next jamarcus russell remmeber lol... not the next cam newton...

Jameis isn't a whiny, crybaby bltch. Comparing you and sevenup to that is more accurate.Jameis also puts himself before the team. Jameis wouldn't run from a fumble in the Super Bowl to protect his "swag". Jameis has heart. Lazy comparison.

Yet, I am sure if the decision were in your hands you would start Glennon TODAY over Winston...

Yet, I am sure if you actually did your research, you'd see what I actually think about Glennon as a starter and how I was beating the "draft a QB" drum last year. Big bag of fail on your part. Par for the course with you. You need to step up your race-baiting game. Al and Jesse are not happy with your piss-poor performance.

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