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I think NO is going to be tough – they still have the best coach+QB combo in the South. I think the weakness is that like Atlanta last year, the $ leave them a little thin. Difference is that Brees doesn’t require A+ players around him; he can work with Bs and Cs and make them better.  I haven’t gotten deep into it, but I think this Byrd contract combined with Graham (unless they can extend him) make 2015 tough for them. But they are the team to beat in 2014. I think Carolina's difficult on a single game basis, because they are strong on D and Cam can make great plays to single-handedly beat anybody. But I find it hard to understand how they possibly can fill the OL and WR holes given their cap situation, and win consistently. I don't see any easy ways for them to make room. They have to make all the right moves in the draft. I think they overpaid but at least Atlanta has apparently stopped the embarrassing up-the-gut run D with Jackson and Solai, and the draft and they way they've set them up gives them nice options - they'll have either a high quality OT or 3-4 OLB at 6. Asamoah was a good signing. Julio back is huge. Still feel like there are a lot of holes and as last year proved, still extremely vulnerable to injuries.

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