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Carolina lost Gross, Munerlyn, Mike Mitchell, Ginn, LaFell, Dixon, Smith, Hangartner (sp?) and Travelle Wharton (this article says he is their 2nd best lineman) is looking at retirement.  They don't have too much wiggle room with the cap.  That sounds like an uphill battle to me.

Almost all those players flat out suck or used to be good and are now washed up. They still have every single good player they had last season.

That's awfully strong - a lot of people thought Gross had his best season last year. Wharton had a bit of a down year, but he was a punisher in the run game. Munnerlyn had a strong year. Ginn, for $800K, more than outplayed his contract. And while Smith is nowhere near as good as he used to be, he was really their only starting caliber WR. The problem is that they have don't have cap room - right now, it's pretty much rookie class only. So whether you think those guys weren't that good or not, they were starters. And they don't have a lot of easy cuts they can make. Not to mention, most of the best replacement options are gone.

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