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Ny, we're at least a 500 team.Consider this. We were a 250 team without any resemblance of good coaching, a sub par/par defense, and and offense that was in qb switch mode.Now consider the possibility that lovie actually knows what he's doing, and our guys won't be playing some type of silly college defense.IF Lovie can fix the defense, and IF a vet qb can move the chains while playing keep_a_way, then we have cured most of the problems that have destroyed us.I'M NOT a fan of mccown, and some of the off-season moves I'm not a fan of (like collins though). I just happen to view this team as more experienced now, and the proverbial "wool" can't be placed over our hc's eyes. Rah was too young, and schiano was too stupid. Lovie however, ..he does know professional football at the actual respectable level required to run an org. I may not like all of his offseason moves, but I trust that he has a plan. To say less than 8 wins sounds silly to me. That's how incompetent our staff was. They really did hold the team back (de's in coverage, revis in zone, constantly stunting, etc).

Amongst other things, McCown is going to be a huge reason why we’re terrible next year. Our defense should be top 10 but our offense will be bottom 5-10. 8-8 is best case scenario unless we get Manziel or Bridgewater

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