Re: Re: I want the bucs to win Sunday..who’s with me?


No sane person wants to win.

Not a single one!!I wish I could hear the Glazers discuss this very topic.

Yeah I am torn between the two so I really do

Apparently thats incorrect. Im pretty sane and after watching over 30 vids the last 2 weeks from the below links, I like both QBs but believe Winston is the only elite passer and rank him the highest. If my hunch is correct that Mariota is top guy taken and its who the Bucs would take then for the betterment of my lifelong favorite team, Id prefer the Bucs to have the #2 pick. just want the the Bucs to have the best QB they possibly could have and while both are good, #1 to me is Winston.

I actually agree with this. I want Mariota taken by Tennessee so we are forced to take Jameis.

I don't have a clear cut choice myself so win baby win. I have wanted them to lose for half the season now so lets get the W...and if you have a problem with my opinion you can blow me.. merry christmas lil bitches

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