Re: Re: I want the bucs to win Sunday..who’s with me?


F*CK No!  Idiot for posting such drivel.

I'm ok qith either qb so it doesn't matter to me. Truthfully not sold on either but everyone seems to think andrew luck is coming out this year. You can lick my balls roadtoast. Didn't you lose a bet that you would leave this board or was that another dbag that sounds just like you?

So you are using this post to falsely accuse me of something because I dont agree with not making sure Tampa has the first pick.  You are a weird sick f*ck and I feel sorry for you. Lick your own balls dude.  One poster name, never been anyone else.  Eat it if you feel otherwise.

Lmfao!When calling out others for being sick or weird, I'm not really sure it helps your cause when you follow up with a comment like that.Just saying man.And furthermore, if we're going to be talking all this junk about ball licking, can we please have someone post some hot chick pics? I mean, at least aim your efforts the right way guys, sheesh.

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