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Yeah we'll definitely have trouble finding a new coach that can lead us to 4 wins

hmmm, echos of what was being said after the 2011 season and Morris and look what happened then. While i agree something needed to be done I'll wait to "celebrate" after hearing who they are bringing in as the next HC along with his staff. you don't improve by firing a bad coach, you improve by hiring a good one. i think a lot of people here don't understand that. plus, the track record now is 2 and you are done, no matter what the circumstances. how do you think that affects the current HC search? just like everyone whines that players won't come here to play for so-and-so head coach, i'm sure the same holds true with head coaches in regards to the front office, especially if there is a trend on how they will be treated. careful what we are celebrating here.

Nicely said.

How do hire the "good coach" unless you fire the bad one FIRST?  Riddle me that one.  The track record is not 2 and done?  How many times have they done that in their 4 coaching hires?  Once.  So how is that a "track record"?  How long did they keep Dom?  FIVE years.  Bruce?  Six or seven?There just are no guarantees.  We do know that Dom and Schiano are not NFL quality personnel.  They should have never been hired to begin with.I am celebrating the firing of two terrible NFL guys.Horribly said.

My mistake, Morris was the coach for 3 years and you are right, that just screams stability for coaches looking into the Tampa HC position. i'm sure coaches thinking about taking the HC position with Tampa will feel comfortable knowing they will be given adequate time to get their scheme in place and be able to fill out the roster with the players needed to make it successful. going through 2 coaches in 5 years does not in any way say to them that they must win with what they inherit here at all, not in the least. they will get a full off season to revamp the entire roster and make sure the players grasp the new system before they are asked to win. beautiful situation for anyone. i'm sure this will attract all the big names out there, just like i'm sure those big names are knocking down Cleveland's door to get an interview there as well. and you are celebrating the firing of two terrible NFL guys, just like people were celebrating the firing of a terrible NFL HC 2 years ago, to quickly follow that up with crying and whining about the next coach that was hired. like i said, change needed to happen and i am happy that it currently is happening but i am not celebrating a firing of the HC. firing the HC just means that once again the Bucs are failures and that is not something, as a Buccaneers fan, i like to be proud of. i'm more frustrated that once again they are starting from scratch instead of trying to take that next step. be careful what you celebrate, i can still remember the joy when Morris was fired ... didn't last long did it?

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