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Malcom Glazer did well with McKay and Dungy.Then made a very bold move to get a new type of offense in young Gruden.The sons got upset with the 4 losses at the end of 2008 even though most of the blame was with the defense and pulled the plug on a coach who could get players to play beyond their ability.  (See the OL in 2002.)The sons spend money and do their best, but fail to completely appreciate the subtle changes taking place in the league with new types of offense and rule changes that favor the offense. Although they tried hard to get Kelly, they should have continued to try and find another coach schooled in the new offensesA well oiled offense puts fans in the stands even though the defense is bad.A struggling offense is just boring.It would seem that with the short term of Raheem and Schiano, we are now stuck with Lovie whose defense seems to be outdated.For all those who clamored to fire Gruden (like Stroud with the Times) you didn't consider that the situation could get a lot worse.  Now I am afraid we are stuck with Lovie for a another year or two.A sad situation but not that difference from Oakland, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Minn.

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